I took my camera to school today, specifically to be sure I have a photo of each of my ridiculous kindergarteners. I can't say they're normal, but I did get photos. Justin Peter JunSeo Jaden Ann Annabelle Jini Maro Ellizabeth Henry Kelly   Andy

The Ring

"Show to Elizabeth teacher!" Ann was whispering, but I still heard her as I entered the other end of the room.  "Oh! Where..." Peter dug through his backpack. Unfortunately, he found what he was looking for.  As we started our morning routine, Peter waited patiently, uncharacteristically calm and quiet. Once we reached a point where I was accepting questions, his hand shot into the air. I stalled, calling on a few others first. Eventually, I had to pick him. "Yes, Peter?" His face cracked into a ridiculous grin and his hand opened to show his prized possession. "RING!!" he shouted. And with that he was out of his chair, charging straight at me. He grabbed my hand and tried to pry apart my fingers.  "Just one time!" he insisted. Maybe I should have played along, but I didn't. Letting this infatuated 6-year old slip a ring on my finger could've haunted me for a long time.  It seems his mom let Peter borrow her sc


The census lady came to my house today. I'm pretty sure she came two other times... but I didn't answer the door. I don't like answering even when I speak the language of the person on the other side. I am far less inclined to respond when I'm in a foreign country. And it's evening. And my door has no peephole. And I'm wearing my pjs.  I felt bad for Mrs. Census Lady. She had more questions than the SAT, and I only understood pieces of a few of them. I suppose she had to keep asking anyway. I also felt slightly bad about the hamster. It'd been rolling around in its ball and was quite attracted to this woman. Sadly, the feeling was not mutual. I put the hamster away.  Fortunately, Susan answered her phone and took care of a lot of the woman's questions. And fortunately, the bathroom floor was only wet and not flooded when Mrs. Census Lady wanted to use the facility (every time I use my washer, my bathroom gets about 3 mini-floods). I do hope Susan t


Third Grade Writing Assignment:  Think about a person whose job helps people in your community. Write about what this person does to help your community. Answer:  Sorry to write this answer in my writing, but I have no community at all. How could the children have their own community? I want to have my community, but I can't. If you see my writing, understand me that I don't have any community at all.  Sorry.

Korea 'Ween

My school had an all-day Halloween party.  Halloween

Mountain Hike

I went mountain hiking with some coworkers. I'm a little sad I didn't do this sooner. 북한산